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If you want to invest in a Tiny house, it's important that you think about water management.

How do you want to proceed?

You are connected to the public network:

If your Tiny House stays in the same place then it can be connected to the public network like a classic house.

This strategy is the most comfortable if you do not wish to anticipate your water consumption. Indeed, thanks to a plumbing system identical to the traditional houses, your Tiny House remains connected to the public drinking water network and to the public sewerage system for your waste water. You are not connected to the public network:

Nevertheless, if you use your Tiny House also for its mobile side, you must think about the transport and storage of your water during your stays.

In case you want to alternate between parking it and moving it freely, it will be preferable to install a tank with a pump. This is a so-called "hybrid" solution!

The disadvantage of this system is that the tank will have to be filled regularly according to your water consumption. The advantage is that if your tank is large, it will have a greater storage capacity. However, the weight of this one will increase (Attention! The overall weight of the Tiny House must not exceed 3.5 tons to circulate).

There is another solution available to you if you are planning to move in. It is the easiest of all because it does not need any connection.

You just need to store bottles, cans, or buckets in the rooms of your Tiny (kitchen, bathroom,...).

However, this also implies the transport and regular replenishment of water.

This will allow you to reduce your consumption and thus avoid wasting water, by using the bare minimum. This solution requires however to be close to a water source or drinking water.

Ecology to the end!

When you are not connected, several solutions exist to reduce your water consumption. You can recover rainwater, opt for dry toilets. As it is necessary to have a wastewater tank, you can also treat your water with a grey water filter. There are other solutions to reduce your consumption and your impact on the planet!

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