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Origine du concept

The Tiny House movement.

It is a social and architectural movement that claims simplicity and minimalism by living in a tiny house.


Charles Miller (Oregon, USA) with his 1929 Tiny House based on a Ford Model T


The Tiny House Movement was born from a desire to respond to this evolution by limiting the living area to 1000 square feet (93 m2). This idea was developed by pioneering American writers:  Lloyd Kahn and Lester R. Walker.

Jay Schafer in front of his 9m2 Tiny House

Following the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Marianne Cusato built a 300 sq ft, energy efficient, affordable prefab home called Katrina Cottage that met Federal Emergency Management Agency requirements. Although the project was originally intended to be located in a   disaster area, it has attracted greater interest. 


A “Katrina Cottage,” in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is the prototype on display as an example of an alternative to FEMA trailers. 

The movement became popular during the global financial crisis which began in 2007. Tiny Houses rose to prominence and came to be seen as economical and ecological alternatives to traditional houses. This is how the Tiny House movement became popular. The American press began to take an interest in it and created television shows like "Tiny House Nation" and "Tiny House Hunters" in 2014 which gave even more visibility to this emerging phenomenon which very quickly crossed the Atlantic. .

En France

A keen interest in this type of minimalist, ecological and affordable habitat very quickly appeared in France. From 2014 and 2015 the French media became interested in this phenomenon and released reports and programs aimed at discovering the advantages of this housing model. 


She chose to live in a tiny house - Reportage Brut. 


Many French people have become passionate about the Tiny House movement. Each year they are a little more to swap their traditional house to live in freedom in their Tiny House close to nature. However, you don't have to put your house up for sale, you can also opt for a tiny house that will serve as an outbuilding or an office. 

Tiny House  : Mini-house to take away - French television series

The movement being trendy, many owners of castles or large grounds also opt for this type of autonomous and economical dwelling for rental. The goal is to make their activity a little more touristy and to offer a moment of freedom with nature, which is becoming increasingly rare these days. The Tiny Houses have this ability to make us reconnect with nature.

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