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Sensitive to the environment and well-being, Sandrine has settled in the heart of nature in a quiet and peaceful environment with the sole purpose of making her clients enjoy her massage salons.


Sandrine contacted us to build a new salon, this time on wheels. What could be better than a Tiny House? Autonomous, with a modern design and built in wood only to give a more intense and immersive experience to her clients.


That was the brief she gave to Miniature.


We were inspired by the design of her barrel-shaped massage parlors for the design of VIGNE.


This Tiny House of 15 m2 has a unique design with an interesting complexity in the woodwork to recall the shape of a barrel. It is equipped with a toilet and a sink and is completely autonomous. Perfect to practice massages, without having to apply for a building permit and while keeping the freedom to move it at will.


A project combining technicality and creativity in which all the Miniature team took pleasure to work.

Icone euro


Starting price

Icone lieu de vie

Massage parlor

Icone personnes

1 - 3 people

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