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Histoire de Miniature

Jimmy Elion

Jimmy Elion is from Saint Jean D'Illac in New Aquitaine. Born of a handyman father, he quickly developed a tender passion for wood.  He decided to stop studying to devote himself fully to his passion: carpentry and joinery. After several years of carpentry with different companies, Jimmy decides to start.

Logo Innov'Bois Aquitaine

He created his wooden house construction company, Innov'Bois Aquitaine in 2017, which has been a real success in New Aquitaine.

He has always been passionate about tiny houses and the minimalist movement born in the United States in the 2000s.

Jimmy decides to renew his two passions, carpentry and tiny houses, by creating the company Miniature in 2022. With a strong experience in the construction of wooden frame houses and tiny houses, he decided to open a company fully dedicated to the construction of tiny houses.

Tiny House en déplacement

A great first in the region! Only 3 companies are insured for the construction of tiny houses (including us!) in France. Jimmy wants to make the French aware of this minimalist way of life born across the Atlantic. It goes beyond the desire to undertake, it is a philosophy of life that he wishes to share and spread in France with Miniature.

Logo Miniature Tiny House
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