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A Tiny House fits into a tiny budget. However, banks are not always inclined to give you a loan and that is why we have sought a collaboration with an expert in real estate brokerage, to allow you to claim your Tiny House. If your loan is refused you still have a chance to see life in a Miniature with our partner Credit Smart. Jean-Philippe Bernier will advise you in your steps and will bring you solutions.

Find funding.

If you can't find bank financing for your Tiny House, we have a solution in place. 


Miniature is committed to meeting the needs of all its customers. There is no legitimate reason to have your Tiny House project refused.

A Tiny House is more than a project, it is a life choice. 


Miniature now works with an expert in real estate brokerage, Jean Philippe Bernier of Credit Smart. We trust him for his many human and professional qualities.

Jean Philippe Bernier
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