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This American model appeals for its simple, economical and ecological way of life. Today, there are even villages with the Tiny house concept. Learn more about the origins of the Tiny House.

Only in France this type of housing remains little known...


According to the French legislation, owning a Tiny House or small mobile home is regulated. They must, in fact, respect certain dimensions in order to be free to move it without having to apply to the town hall as an exceptional convoy, or simply to be able to build it without having to apply for a building permit.

These dimensions are very precise, we explain everything in detail here.


The Tiny House is based on a trailer to be towed on a road and travel with you. This is why the terrain will play a major role when you have a Tiny House because since these houses are small you will spend time outdoors.

It is designed to be suitable in the mountains as well as in warm places. On this side, you will not have to worry about anything.

The micro-house does not need a building permit if it does not exceed 20m2 and only a preliminary declaration of work will be necessary. On the other hand, it is essential to have a driver's license to transport it wherever you want. (see FAQ for more information on the license and the different types of cars that can tow a Tiny House).


These tiny houses are environmentally friendly because they do not consume energy. By buying a Tiny House your carbon footprint is considerably reduced.

Indeed, they consume little energy thanks to their small surface. They have solar panels on their roof that make them autonomous.

Moreover, the use of water can be minimized by the use of a tank or by the use of a low flow faucet.

Regarding the heating of the Tiny House, several tools can be at your disposal like those of a classic house. The difference is that the Tiny requires less heating because its surface is much smaller than that of a traditional house.

Having a Tiny House allows us to save time and money since the surface is smaller. You consume less energy (your electricity bill is much cheaper or even zero because the Tiny House is often autonomous), you have less maintenance to do (cleaning, renovation work...), an optimized space that will make you spend less on what is not vital (such as furniture, clothes...).


The Tiny House is a real investment on the long term thanks to its lifespan and its promising advantages!

There is one for every taste and for every project. Whether you want to change your living arrangements, have an office in your garden or a new massage parlour for your clients, tiny houses can meet all your needs. They are customizable, on one level, with a mezzanine, a living net, or a roof-top terrace.

Find our Tiny House models then let your imagination run wild...

The Tiny House is a quick to build and inexpensive housing.

As you may have understood, it allows you to make considerable savings. It is a solution for people with low incomes who wish to be owners. As well as an opportunity for people who want to make rental investments and put these beautiful little houses on wheels up for rent. Get started!

If you want to learn more, go to our webside : Miniature Tiny House.

You can contact us here, we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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