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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

The Tiny House is your first house on wheels! An ideal home... To live, work and travel... This concept comes straight from the United States and starts to develop little by little in France. This small ecological house offers an interesting alternative to the daily urban life. It allows you to travel while staying at home!

But for whom is the Tiny House made?

A minimalist person

A person who moves into a Tiny House changes his way of life considerably. Indeed, living in a Tiny House means getting used to living only with what is essential to us. However, the current society pushes us to overconsumption to the point of filling our houses with things that are not necessarily necessary. So, we must have a state of mind that aims to simplify our daily life to the maximum. And to do this, adopting a minimalist lifestyle means living better with fewer things to focus on what really matters to us. It means saving money to enjoy it in a different way. Moreover, each space of this 20m2 (approximately) will be cleverly thought to remain practical in everyday life. 🏡

A family, a couple, a student

You can purchase a Tiny House to use as an outbuilding in your garden to create additional living space for your home (library, office, bedroom, gym, etc.) or to live there indefinitely with your family. The Tiny is large enough to accommodate a family of 4. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The idea is still to keep a certain comfort since this small house can measure up to 30 m2 maximum. You are free to live there more and nothing prevents you from welcoming other people if you live as a couple.

The space is suitable for a student who would like to rent this accommodation. Moreover, the rent could be advantageous. The tiny house would also be a good alternative to apartments. And if the Tiny allows it, you could even share with a friend.

A lessor

Obviously, once the Tiny House is purchased, it belongs to you. It is therefore interesting to rent this property to people who are looking for a place to live. You can then ensure a profitability of your property. 💶

A professional

A person who likes to have time for everything, i.e. to separate their personal life from their professional life. The Tiny House can be used as an office for your profession (physiotherapist, masseur, coach, etc.). An ideal place to welcome your clients. 🖥

An artist

An artist needs his own little cocoon to realize his best works. 🎨 He could take time for himself and his activities (painting, music, sewing, drawing...) in a small unusual house. A space dedicated to his passion... Imagine doing what you love most in the middle of nowhere.

An adventurer

The Tiny House is installed on a trailer. You can then transport your home across multiple landscapes. If you like adventure nothing better for a real comfort during your travels. ⛰

A nature lover

If you are that person who likes to be in tune with nature and the environment, the Tiny House is for you. 🌳

It is very important to protect our ecosystem. It allows you to reduce your ecological footprint, with a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Indeed, the Tiny House is built with recyclable materials and ecological construction processes, generally in wood. As far as energy is concerned, the Tiny House has a much lower consumption, compared to a traditional house. But the Tiny House can also be 100% autonomous with the installation of solar panels and rainwater recovery and treatment systems. This micro-house is the future of a greener life.

In summary, the Tiny House is a new form of house, modern and ecological.

It meets different needs and types of customers. Both individuals and professionals can resort to the construction of a Tiny House for daily use, as an extension of their residence or business, or as an ideal way to travel with their entire house. People who like Tiny Houses are adventurous, minimalist, passionate, and eco-responsible.

You too can adopt this lifestyle.

Tiny'ment vôtre !

The Miniature team 🌱

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