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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

A Tiny House is much more affordable than a traditional house. It is still difficult to withdraw (about) 50 000 euros in the bank.

For most of us, taking out a loan would be THE solution to get a Tiny house more easily. Unfortunately, customers often do not get the credit they want from their bank, for various reasons. Banks are entitled to refuse you a credit if they consider that your capacity of repayment is not satisfactory or that your project is too risky for you.

Borrowing money from the bank in order to buy your tiny house is not a simple and miraculous solution. Simply because your Tiny has no foundation and a mortgage by definition only finances real estate. However, your tiny is mobile.

However, there are alternatives to a mortgage that will surely help you:

Consumer credit

The amounts of this credit are lower than those of the real estate credit. It is also easier to obtain, and it is used to finance goods or services. There are different consumer credits, each with their own subtleties.

The personal loan

You will use the money from this loan as you wish, no proof is required. Nevertheless, the repayment period is shorter and therefore the monthly repayments are much higher. In addition, the nominal rate of these loans is also very high which increases the monthly payments and the total price of your purchase.

Car credit

This credit is reserved for automobiles. However, the tiny house is mobile. It therefore goes with a towing vehicle. So, instead of putting your tiny house and your car in the same budget, it is possible to make two credits: a car credit, which concerns only your car with a more advantageous interest rate and a personal credit for the tiny house.

The work credit

You can also present your Tiny House project in the form of work in order to obtain a development project with an attractive rate. Nevertheless, the repayment period will not be as interesting as that of a real estate loan.

Ecological credit

It is quite possible to go through ecological credits. Depending on the establishment where you are, this credit can be offered to you. The rate is lower than the classic personal credit. These credits are made for work improving the energy performance of your home or for the purchase of "green" equipment.

Crédit Smart By Miniature

However, if the banks do not trust you. Miniature Tiny House always makes sure that the dreams of its customers come true. We have found it essential to accompany them financially.

For this, we decide to collaborate with an expert in real estate brokerage. If your loan is refused, you still have a chance to see life in miniature with our partner Credit Smart.

Our collaborator Jean Philippe Bernier advises you in your steps and brings you customized solutions (like our Tiny).

Here is the link to our new Financing page to learn more.

Tiny'ment vôtre !

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